Our Services

Your work environment requires more than furniture alone and we offer a complete array of services to address those needs. We are the Metropolitan area's premier service company, with capabilities that include:

Move Management

We will develop and coordinate complete office moves or relocations scheduled by area, department or building.


  • Conduct initial critical planning, meetings, and orientation
  • Identify team members and responsibilities
  • Develop master relocation plan
  • Information and data compilation
  • Conduct required inventory
  • Information Management


  • Develop & issue relocation schedule
  • Schedule and conduct team meetings
  • Performance / Cost analysis and control
  • Pre-move preparation- relocation check list, color coded plans, item tagging, update schedule


  • Conduct employee orientation
  • Develop a packing clinic
  • Physical move day- on-site supervision, schedule cleaning staff
  • Post occupancy evaluation- on site supervisor, develop punch list, post audit/survey

Reconfiguration of Existing Furniture

Increasing productivity and comfort in your work atmosphere doesn't necessarily mean buying new furniture. It may be accomplished simply by reconfiguring the future you already have. Minimizing your expense and enhancing your current furniture investment. Whether you're planning to remain in the space, or you're expanding, we can help you use what you have in the most productive manner.

Single-Source Reconfiguration Services

  • Inventory and analysis of your existing office furnishing and systems
  • Evaluation of your new space and how your existing components may coordinate with your needs and environment, plus provide a list a list of which new components are recommended-Disassemble, move and reinstall existing furniture
  • Help to orient employees with the new environment

Immediate Financial Savings

  • Not only are you using existing resources to fulfill changing needs, you're benefiting by using our skilled staff
  • Flexibility
  • Long-term Productivity
  • Value-added Options to Enhance


While lack of storage space is an issue for many companies, the increasing costs of space used to warehouse or store surplus furniture is an issue for all companies. Our Warehousing Storage Service is an excellent option for efficiency and economy.

  • Secured safe, temperature-controlled facility to protect your investment
  • Inventory sorted on site
  • Perfects solution for short and long term storage needs.
  • Access to appearance Management services, Furniture Cleaning and electrostatic Painting
  • Monthly accounting of inventory in storage

Appearance Management

We provide a complete portfolio of services to insure that you maximize the life of your furniture investment.

  • Furniture Component Adjustment
  • Furniture Reupholstery
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Electrostatic Painting
  • "CFR" Chair Furniture Cleaning

Furniture Disposal

We can purchase your furniture, assist in brokering, "banking", charitable donations, employee sales, or use other creative methods to meet your furniture disposal needs. Disposal is defined as the purging of excess or obsolete furniture and equipment. We recognize the changing times, and the need for comprehensive programs to relieve you of unnecessary and unwanted furniture.Officeline provides a variety of options from a vast number of resources predicted on your needs, desires and requirements. We will site inspect and appraise your furniture assets to help determine its value providing important information to help in the evaluation of the options for its disposal.
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