Officeline has been committed

Since our inception, Officeline has been committed to recycling and refurbishing office furniture along with the proper disposal of cardboard, plastics and other form of packaging material. It has always been our intention not to dispose of product or packing material in a landfill. We carefully separate all plastic, cardboard and painstakingly recycle packing material that is used to protect manufacturer’s products. When we receive excess product – panels, desks, etc., - our disposal methods include donations to redistributors, charities, schools, outreach facilities, etc. Officeline has long been a believer in recycling “happy” office furniture. As our logo shows, we are committed to the effort to recycle, reuse and to go “GREEN”. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

If You Are Not Part of The Solution You Are Part Of The Problem.

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